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Why Dietetic Licensure: An Intern Perspective

Let’s start out, my name is Sarah Jane Frick a current Dietetic Intern at UCA. Several of my classmates and I attended National RD/RDN day at the Arkansas State Capitol. Every year we have a proclamation signed by the Govenor and get pictures made. This year was a little different as we were also promoting the critical importance of Dietetic Licensure within the state of Arkansas. Wow! I was so surprised at the number of RDN's and future RDN's that came to support our profession and our licensure.

Licensure for healthcare professional is very important! For dietetics, it is important to ensure that a qualified RDN is responsible for the integration and application of human nutrition - RDN's are THE professionals in nutrition care services like Medical Nutrition Therapy. An RDN has earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited university (many RD/RDNs have advanced degrees), has completed a supervised practice program (Dietetic Internship), has passed a registered exam and maintain continuing education hours for recertification. We are HIGHLY qualified. The RDN title is very prestigous and should be treated with the utmost respect when working with other professionals and patients. An RD/RDN is known as the expert in food and nutrition. 

I was so encouraged by the outpuring of support that dietetics professional showed on March 14th! We are an integral part of healthcare and management teams. I know that my time spent obtaining the RDN credential was worth every minute. In August, when I graduate with an MS and obtain my verification statement, I want to be employed at a place that values my contribution to human health and longevity. I hope that students and future RDN's will remain concerned and protective of our licensure and our scope of practice. We are THE food and nutrition professionals!

--Sarah Jane Frick, UCA Dietetic Intern

Posted by Alicia Landry at 9:18 AM