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Take a Break

Hi everyone!

I hope this month has been good for you! For those of you who have applied for dietetic internships, we made it! While school isn’t over yet, I hope you can somewhat relax. If you don’t have time to relax, like me, Spring Break is coming up soon and we can really relax then! But until Spring Break, stay motivated to study for midterms.

Y’all, it is National Nutrition Month! I am curious to see what other schools across the state are doing to celebrate. Please share with what your dietetic program is doing to promote National Nutrition Month in the comments of this post (on Facebook). By sharing your program’s ideas, schools from across the state can brainstorm for next year. For instance, the University of Arkansas Student Dietetic Association is working with our dietitian on campus, Ms. Ashley Meek, to promote nutrition to our campus. We are also planning on promoting National Nutrition Month on social media. Don’t forget that March 16th is National RDN Day! To all of the Registered Dietitians reading this, I want to thank you for all of your hard work and passion for nutrition and helping others.

Also, the ArAND conference is coming up and will be on April 19th through 20th. Registration ends on March 31st…a perfect way to wrap up National Nutrition Month. If you are a student and an Academy member, the cost is $70 for both days. If you are a student and not an Academy member, the cost is $100 for both day. It is another perk to becoming an Academy member, because you can save $30 and use it to buy food, or pay for a school parking ticket. Overall, it is a great opportunity for networking with dietitians across the state and learning interesting evidenced based nutrition information! If you would like more information, visit

Posted by Alicia Landry at 1:27 PM